Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Terms and Condition

Hi and welcome to TheBONE
B.eauty O.n N.ew E.volution

Firstly, I should tell you a little of our background. Previously we had opened a few blogshops but had to close them because of personal reason, be it school or other reasons. However, this time we are back! Hope you would be as excited as us!

Our concept is still the same, WE HOPE TO GIVE YOU ITEMS WHICH ARE $20 AND BELOW.
(Excluding shipping fee and postage fee)

Before we go on to the terms and condition, I would need to tell you how the way things work here.
Firstly, navigation are on the right side of the page under "Blog Achieve"
Secondly, if you realized, some items are labelled "IMPORTED"
This means that if there is not enough orders, you might be chargeable for the shipping fee. Therefore I recommend you to buy together in order to get the cheaper price. Also, IMPORTED means that items are not from Singapore, therefore the delivery time might take up to 2-3 weeks time.

Thirdly, all Emails will reply attend to in 2 working days.

Thank you for your time and you may read the Terms and conditions below:

 1. Items sold will be checked by our staffs, before shipping out. If there is any fault or wrong colour or size and you want a replacement I might be able to do it, but once again, you might be chargeable for the postage fee. And postage fee is extremely high and troublesome esp. for items that are imported.

2. Orders can still be amended and cancelled before the payment invoice is sent. Once the invoice in sent, we would have already send an order to our supplier as we want to give you your item at the fastest time possible. But orders will still be on hold until payment is received.

3. If you are not able to confirm your orders (via email or SMS) and the invoice within 2 weeks, I'm sorry but the order will be cancelled because we are unsure about your interest.

4. Opting for normal postage is at your own risk! There are increased cases of lost mail recently and we are unable to track your mail if it was send by normal postage. We recommend you to opt for reg. postage (Once again reg. postage will be chargeable with accordance to SingPost)

5. Meet up is possible, ONLY IN WOODLANDS MRT STATION. Any where else would be to my availability.

6. If you are going to be late for the meet-up, please kindly send a text to notify us that you will be late by how many minutes. So we know when we can get ready and wait for you.

Any inquiries please don't hesitate to drop us an Email at askthebone@hotmail.com 

 or email your inquiries and Order form to askthebone@hotmail.com
Contact Number:
Mailing Address:
Colour, Size:
Payment method: IB/ Bank Transfer
Collection mode: Normal postage/ Reg. postage/ Meet up (WOODLANDS ONLY)

Instagram  Carousell: TheBone

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